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Looking to take your aviation business to the next level? Look no further than Executive Aviation Group's Customer Portal experience. Our Salesforce Experience Cloud case study showcases how our solution can help unlock business processes and customer experience, making transactions and interactions smoother than ever before. And with mobile readiness and scalability built into our platform, you'll wonder how they ever managed without it.

Salesforce Developer
Executive Aviation Group
Salesforce Experience Cloud, Sales Cloud Case Study, Client Portal
Salesforce CPQ Consultant, Developer

Project Objective
This company specializes in creating personalized software and application solutions in the tech industry. Their unique approach involves creating custom quotes for each product or service. Unfortunately, their current process involves their client relationship team manually managing pricing quotes using Microsoft Excel Sheets.

Client Challenges

One of the challenges faced by our client is the extensive amount of time and labor required to complete the quoting process. Additionally, this process increases the risk of delivering inaccurate quotes due to human error, which could negatively impact our company's performance.

Salesforce CPQ Developer


Our team integrated Salesforce CPQ to manage all the pricing data previously handled in Excel, utilizing price rules, product rules, and the calculator engine.

We developed an innovative solution leveraging their existing pricing data. This has resulted in a standardized and optimized system-driven quoting process that not only saves the company time but also minimizes quoting errors.

We aimed to make the transition to the new system and processes as smooth as possible for the team. We customized and simplified the solutions to ensure functionality and user-friendliness, all to support team success.

Salesforce Developer
Salesforce Sales Cloud Developer
Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant
Salesforce App Exchange

Our Salesforce Customer Portal case study showcases how we helped our client launch their Application Market using Salesforce Sales Cloud. This marketplace is similar to Appexchange and allows application developers and content providers to upload files and metadata to the marketplace. With a focus on the user experience, we developed an account login page using Google API to ensure secure and easy registration for new users. Returning users can also log in using their Gmail account credentials, streamlining the login process.


To manage all products, including their assets, and user-related data, we made use of Amazon web services for our technical implementation. This enabled us to efficiently manage all marketplace data in a secure and efficient way. One of the key functions we implemented was session management, which helps ensure that users are seamlessly logged in during their browsing experience. We also developed a solution to enable file uploads via Amazon, ensuring that users can easily add their content to the marketplace.


Ultimately, our Salesforce Customer Portal case study demonstrates the power of Salesforce Sales Cloud and how it can be used to launch and grow online marketplaces. By focusing on creating a seamless user experience and leveraging cutting-edge technical solutions such as Google API and Amazon web services, we helped our client launch a successful marketplace that is both secure and easy to use. Our expertise in Salesforce Sales Cloud and E-commerce allowed us to deliver a project that exceeded our client's expectations and helped them grow their business.

Our Salesforce XML Case study has been designed with your business in mind. Whether you operate in one country or multiple locations, our solution allows you to send products ordered via XML to the specified international warehouse in one of two countries. With greater integration across different systems and platforms, you can benefit from more efficient data transfer, increased speed of fulfillment, and fewer errors.

At Solution Heroes, we understand the importance of automation in today's fast-paced business environment. That's why we've developed a solution that enables order fulfillment automation to proceed once the appropriate data has been updated in Salesforce. This not only saves time and reduces manual error, but also ensures that your customers receive their products in a timely and efficient manner. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, our Salesforce XML Case study can help you streamline your operations and improve your bottom line.

Salesforce XML Integrations, Order recieving, fulfillment, shipment
Salesforce Developer

Looking for a seamless solution for XML integration? Look no further than Solution Heroes' Salesforce XML Case study. Our team has developed an innovative solution that streamlines the process of sending product orders, items, and receiving and shipping confirmations from distributors. With our cutting-edge webhooks, you can receive shipping confirmation in XML format via Salesforce, allowing for simplified order dispatch and fulfillment.

Salesforce XML Integrations
Salesforce SMS Integration
Salesforce SMS Integration Case Study

In this integrations case study, we demonstrate how we integrated SMS messaging into Salesforce.

Through API callouts, we were able to enable single and bulk messaging that dynamically updated based on field values. Tasks were created to track upcoming messages and send them at scheduled intervals, delivering the right message at the right time.

Developing this solution, and creating this streamlined process resulted in increased customer engagement and improved task efficiency.

Mobile Application Developer, Hydroguide

Solution Heroes offers solutions for all of your technical needs.


Including web/ mobile app development.

Whether you’re starting at ground zero with nothing but a concept/ idea or you’re looking to enhance your already on the market application, the heroes are here to be the muscle behind bringing your vision to life.

The Hydro Guide App is the only product of its kind on the market, and our architecture can be repurposed for several use cases, including hardware integration. Developed using a modern MVC framework, Codeigniter 3, and written in AngularJS and PHP, our proprietary technology ensures a seamless and efficient experience. Plus, with our integration of AWS, iOS, and Android technologies, our app is always up-to-date and dependable.

Hydroguide, Mobile Application Developer



Build out your specific hydroponic system, including size, reservoir capacity, and more.



Every plant is unique, which is why HydroGuide tracks plants on an individual basis.


Add your favorite strains into the Seed Vault to track growth cycle, profile, and more.



Whether you use a popular brand or use common formulas, HydroGuide calculates nutrient applications using proven recipes and schedules.


Track the health of every plant by maintaining the plant log with photos, notes, and more.



Apply established nute recipes to your plants, and receive a detailed application schedule.

Mobile Application Developer
Mobile Application Developer
Mobile Application Developer
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